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Auto Unload Separate Machines

Auto Unload Separate Machines

The auto-unload series machines are supplied with an integral media from parts separation system. To enable this feature the machine is simply placed in reverse which automatically lowers the "dam" or unload gate, driving the contents of work bowl up and over the separation screens.

Benefits of Auto Unload Separate Machines

Affordable Batch Machines

Affordable & Reliable - The use of only top-quality materials and components throughout ensures trouble-free operation and a long service life.

5 Year Warranty on Batch Machines

5 Year Warranty - Each model of machine comes with an extended warranty on bowl and base not matched by any other mass finishing company worldwide.

Customer Support

Customer Support - All purchased equipment comes with the guarantee of ongoing technical support and process methodology.

Vibratory Bowl Machine Spare Parts

Extremely Cost Effective - Comparatively low capital investment and a high potential for cost savings make the auto-unload series excellent value for money.

Custom built vibratory bowl machines

Optional Extras Available - Both series of equipment comes with a variety of cost effective accessories including chemical/water dosing systems and sound/splash lids.

Vibratory Bowl Machine made in Australia

Made in Australia - Guarantees a product that is made to the highest acceptable standards found in high end European and North American equipment.

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